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Charis UAS Announces Investment from World-Renowned Drone Company XM2 PURSUIT to Accelerate Expansion in Africa

 Charis UAS, Rwanda’s leading drone company, announced today that it has received a major investment from XM2 PURSUIT, a leading global provider of moving camera systems. The investment will be used to accelerate the expansion of its drone manufacturing and solutions across the African continent.

With the support of XM2 PURSUIT, Charis UAS will broaden its market reach and further cement its position as a leader in drone services in Africa and internationally. Eric Rutayisire Muziga, Founder and CEO of Charis UAS, welcomed the news, stating, “We are thrilled to work with a cutting-edge company such as XM2 PURSUIT. As a result of this investment, we plan to rapidly expand across the continent and build upon our current drone-based technological solutions and manufacturing services.”

Founded in 2014, Charis UAS became Rwanda’s first-ever licensed UAV company and obtained a distinct first-mover advantage within the rapidly developing drone industry in Africa. Through its advanced data analytics, the startup has supported multiple governments and private organizations in optimizing their business operations as well as creating a powerful social impact within their communities such as using drones to fight against malaria and advance local energy programs. With the launch of its first ever made-in-Rwanda drone in February 2020, Charis UAS has continued to break ground by positioning itself as Africa’s first commercial drone manufacturer.

Seeing Charis UAS’s strong track record within Africa, Aidan Kelly, COO of XM2 PURSUIT commented, “Whether its designing solutions, integrating workflows, utilizing automation or delivering data in meaningful ways, our investment into Charis UAS is part of our plan to partner with leaders in their field around the world, to unlock the true potential that aerial and remotely sensed data can provide.”

“Africa is rapidly adopting new technologies and open to new innovations,” said Charis UAS’s Eric Rutayisire Muziga, “Having the investment, support, and expertise of XM2 PURSUIT will help us execute our vision to support intelligent decision making and scale up the manufacturing of drones on the African continent. This will also create thousands of high skilled jobs for the youth on our beloved continent.”

About Charis UAS

Charis UAS is the leading drone company in Rwanda, offering cutting-edge drone data collection and aerial photography services to public and private enterprises within Africa. With over 60 years of aviation expertise, Charis UAS specializes in drone data solutions that deliver high quality results. Through providing high-quality aerial imagery and advanced data analytics, Charis UAS has allowed governments and multinational corporations across the continent to make hyper-informed decisions that improve crop production, advance energy programs, protect local environments, and even save lives.

Charis UAS has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2014, and now operates in five countries in Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. Visit for more information.


XM2 PURSUIT is a leading global provider of moving camera systems for film, TV, visual effects and commercials. Capable of capturing stunning, high-detail content from nearly any moving platform, XM2 PURSUIT combines experienced crew with the latest developments in engineering and film equipment. Deploying teams to some of the most challenging locations around the world, XM2 PURSUIT services projects of all sizes with bespoke, tailored solutions for every application.

XM2 PURSUIT designs solutions that fully integrate the best global technology, into complex workflows. Our expertise includes deploying aerial high spec sensors, such as LiDAR, hyper and multi-spectral, thermal, video and images. Partnering with leading software vendors we create 3D models, photogrammetry cataloguing and analyzing of our customer’s data sets.

This article first appears in The New Times of Rwanda

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